7 Flights, 12 Days and the Octane FX

Shaun Gash
• 30th November 2022

The thought of going on 1 flight is enough to start feeling anxious.

Will my chair be damaged?
Will it make it in one piece?
Will it make it at all?

But 7 flights in one trip… the same questions running through my brain 7 times, over and over again.

Will my chair be damaged?
Will my chair make it?
Will my chair…

It’s a constant cycle.

Knowing that my chair was no more than 1m away from me, my thoughts switched to;

Which film should I watch to pass the time?
Shall I have a glass of wine or a nice cold beer?
What will the temperature be when I land?

All the anxiety that would usually run through my brain when travelling was gone. I knew where my chair was at every step of the journey, right above my head…

The Airline staff were shocked to say the least when I told them my told my chair wouldn’t be going in the hold. Confused expressions dawned on their faces when they looked me up and down sat in my rigid chair, far too big to be going anywhere in the cabin. After a quick explanation and demonstration, their confused expressions turned to awe and excitement as they waited to see if in fact it was true and my chair would fit in the overhead locker.

“Like a glove” I said.

The benefits don’t stop there, as I’m sure you know if you’ve every travelled by plane as wheelchair user, you spend a lot of time on the plane. First on, last off. The anxious wait after you’ve landed can feel like forever as you wait for your chair to be brought to the plane door for you, well there was no waiting. It was as simple as hoping in the isle chair and leaving the plane just like everyone else (except I got the lift down). Just like that I was off the plane and off on the next part of my journey, which did involve trying to fit luggage and another wheelchair all in one car…

Not to worry though, as my Octane FX can also be folded up to fit in the boot!

7 flights in 12 days. 7 flights where my chair was no more than 1 meter away from me. 7 flights where I where I knew my chair wouldn’t get damaged. 7 flights where I knew my chair would be there when I landed. 7 flights with no anxiety at all about the whereabouts and condition of my chair. 7 flights with confidence in my wheelchair.

The Octane FX, my perfect travel companion.

Shaun Gash, 2022.