Carbon Fibre Meets Made to Measure

With a high everyday usability, the Veypr Sub4 is built for everyday adventures. With its captivating appearance and ergonomic design, the Veypr Sub 4 provides the ultimate rider experience.

This isn't just a wheelchair

It's our unstoppable Ambition

The 'Real' made to measure
100% Carbon Fibre Technology
SUB4 Ultra Light Technology

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A 10 Year Dream

Key Features

Sub4 Upholstery
Carbon Fibre Frame
Ergonomic Seatrail Tube

Expertly Engineered for comfort and ease of transfer

Herringbone Weave Pattern

The final layer of carbon fibre is hand laid with precision, achieving the perfect herringbone pattern.

Carbon Fibre Castor Fork

40% weight saving compared to aluminium equivalent.

Carbon Fibre Footrest

made to measure

the perfect fit

Only RGK offers the 'real' made to measure to create the perfect wheelchair for you.

Choose optimum posture, comfort and performance. The 'real' made to measure is unlike any other and allows you to adjust the characteristics of your wheelchair to suit your individual needs, ensuring you can enjoy an active lifestyle

Over 30 Individual Measurements
A range of ergonomic options
Light weight and compact design features

Case Study

David Weir's veypr Sub4

Meet David Weir CBE

David Weir is a 6 time Paralympic gold medallist and co-founder of the Weir-Archer Academy. He is a super star athlete, role model and arguably one of the greatest wheelchair racers and Paralympian's of all time. We are honoured that he is sitting in a Veypr Sub4 now.

David's Veypr Sub4 CAD drawing
The End Result

"My Veypr Sub4 is so much lighter than my previous chair and the ride is unbelievably smooth. The ergonomic options have improved my seating position and posture and the extensive made to measure process has ensured the frame fits me perfectly. It's made a huge difference in my day to day life, I didn't expect what I thought were such little details to make such a huge difference to my everyday."

- David Weir

100% Carbon Fibre Frame

Smooth yet rigid ride

With new pioneering technology we have produced the world's first truly made to measure carbon fibre wheelchair.

Patented manufacture process
4 x layers of handcrafted carbon fibre
Herringbone Weave Pattern

sub4 guaranteed*


A lighter wheelchair means everyday actions become easier. With the Veypr Sub4 transferring into the car and pushing long distances is effortless. This is the ultimate wheelchair for an active lifestyle.

Sub4 technology
~10% Lighter than an Octane Sub4
From ~2.4 kg Frame Weight
From ~3.3 kg Transport Weight

*Excluding wheels, cushion and non-certified options.

Key Features

Exceptional Personalisation

make it yours

Put your stamp on it, your colour, a personal detail, the Veypr Sub4 decals are personalised to suit you

Personal Text and Logo
Frame Finish Satin or Gloss
Any Vinyl COlour

Built for Everyday Adventures

Push the Limits

With a high everyday usability the Veypr Sub4 is built for everyday adventures. With its captivating appearance and ergonomic design the Veypr Sub4 provides the ultimate rider experience.

"It's Unbelievable"

David Weir

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