Billy's mum, Laura

“It used to be annoying for him to have to tell me when he wanted to turn left, and of course when I was pushing him I couldn’t hear half the time! Now I can walk beside him and just have a proper conversation.”

Brooke’s mum, Phillippa
“The chair has been amazing, it has given Brooke so much more independence. She is able to move it so easily due to its lightness and it is so easy to transport for the same reason. So manageable. I would highly recommend it to anyone in need of an amazing quality, lightweight manageable stylish wheelchair.”

The secret to unforgettable childhood memories

You know your child longs to explore, needs their own independence and to ultimately fulfil their potential. Their wheelchair shouldn’t inhibit their love for life or their experiences. The Tiga Junior is here to help. Growth adjustability built in allows for a longevity of the life of the chair, and its lightness frees your child to self-propel or to make pushing them that little bit easier on you. Stop being stuck in their shadow, walk beside them by investing in the tool that encourages them to move forwards literally and figuratively by themselves. Confidence, independence and individuality is everything we want for your child.

Paediatric Lightweight Wheelchair - RGK Wheelchairs

Technical specifications

The Tiga Junior is specifically designed to your child’s individual measurements, and can be personalised through a choice of colours and embroidery. The unique intelligent growth system provides maximum flexibility and adjustability to grow with your child. Give your child the best start in life.

  • Made to measure
  • Aluminium 7020 frame
  • Intelligent growth system
  • Crash tested
  • Product weight from 7.5kg
  • Max weight 70kg
Paediatric Lightweight Wheelchair - RGK Wheelchairs
Paediatric Lightweight Wheelchair - RGK Wheelchairs

Unrivalled performance

Only the best materials are used in your Tiga Junior. Aluminium is famous for its strength, durability and is synonymous with lightness. The utmost best performance of the chair is ensured by only using elements produced by market leaders, alongside a staggering 19 quality checks throughout the build, from measure to handover.

  • Optimised biomechanics for maximum power and efficiency
  • Intelligent growth system with adjustable features
  • Perfect toe in toe out for minimum drag
  • Rigid and lightweight frame for pushing efficiency
  • Low ride castor forks for optimum performance
  • Aerospace grade aluminium as standard

Download the full Tiga Jnr user manual here

"The wheelchairs are really fantastic. They have made it so much easier for Thomas and Daniel to get around and giving them more independence, but they are also much easier to push when needed and get in and out of the car too."
Tom and Dan's dad, Paul

Why choose made to measure?

    Over 30 individual measurements are taken of the user for the wheelchair, so that it fits their individual requirements.
    A wide range of ergonomic options are available to provide optimum comfort, balance and posture.
    The lightest possible solution is achieved using individual measurements.

The effects

    Sitting in the correct position can significantly reduce the risks of developing pressure related issues in the short and long term. Good health helps promote a more active lifestyle which in turn can positively impact a user’s well-being.
    Feeling comfortable increases confidence which helps the user to achieve an active lifestyle. The likelihood of developing prolonged discomfort, pain and persistent injuries are significantly reduced.
    The user and wheelchair work in complete unison. This reduces the amount of energy needed to propel and in turn increases the wheelchair’s efficiency to maximize the user’s abilities.
Paediatric Lightweight Wheelchair - RGK Wheelchairs

Functional options

  • A full range of active options such as wheel locks, side guards, anti tip and much more to suit your individual  requirements
  • A range of assist options such as push handles, wheel locks and armrests to suit your individual  requirements
Paediatric Lightweight Wheelchair - RGK Wheelchairs

Frame options

  • Fixed or folding backrest
  • Fixed or adjustable axle position
  • Fixed or adjustable footrest position
  • Fixed or adjustable backrest height
Paediatric Lightweight Wheelchair - RGK Wheelchairs


  • Polished or brushed
  • Powder coated frame finish in a wide range of colours
  • Choose an accent colour to suit your style
  • Add a personal embroidery on the backrest

Airtech Technology

  • Range of ergonomic backrest options to support your requirements for maximum comfort and balance
  • Ergonomic seat for pelvic positioning and optimum balance
  • Taper seat, V-front or asymmetrical frame design for super responsiveness

Product Manual

Download the manual for the Tiga Jnr here


Do you need help with funding your RGK chair?

There are a few different ways in which you can try to get funding for your wheelchair. These choices include NHS Wheelchair Services, Access to Work and charities.

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