How much are they and can you supply me with a price list?
Due to all of our chairs being made to your own measurements, we cannot accurately give you a price until we have carried out an assessment and included all of the options you would like on your chair. However, we can provide the base price for each product to help you have an idea of the costs involved. The base price is the total price of the product made up of standard components. This is also why we do not have any price lists available.


What are the finance options?
We do not have any finance options available however it is not uncommon for our customers to approach the NHS Wheelchair Services, Access to Work or a local charity to help with funding.

Do you accept funding towards a new chair?
Yes, we accept most forms of funding – it is best to speak to your mobility advisor about this when you have your assessment. All funding paperwork needs to be complete and with us before the chair is handed over, otherwise we will not be able to leave the chair with you until the final balance is settled.

How does the NHS voucher process work?
If you are eligible for the NHS voucher scheme, your local Wheelchair Services will carry out an assessment with yourself and will either offer you a chair or a voucher for the value of said chair. Each Wheelchair Service centre has a different process, so please contact them directly for further information. The voucher scheme is only available in England at the moment, however there may be other independent schemes in Wales and Scotland that you can approach and usually refreshes every 5 years., and usually refreshes every 5 years.

How much will the NHS give me?
This is something you will need to talk to your local Wheelchair Services directly about, and will depend on various factors such as your circumstances, where you live and when you last had a voucher. If you have not yet been referred to Wheelchair Services speak to your GP.

Assessment and quotes:

How do I get a quote?
To gain a quotation with accurate prices you will need to have an assessment with one of our advisors. They will take all of your measurements, take into account your lifestyle needs and will then submit all of this to our customer services team who will draw up a quotation for you.

Can I get a quote for funding purposes?
If you are looking for rough prices to apply for funding, we can draw up a “blank quote”. This quotation does not require an assessment, but may not be a completely accurate reflection of the final cost should you deviate from the standard options that will be quoted for. It will also not include your measurements so an assessment and official quotation must be arranged at a later date before any orders can be placed.

How soon can I get an assessment?
Once we have confirmed your details and requirements from your new chair, everything will then be sent over to the advisor in your area who will contact you within the next few working days to arrange a convenient date and time. On average, the wait time for an assessment is normally only a week, however this can vary due to the mobility advisors having such large territories, are only able to fit in a few assessments in per day due to how in-depth they can be (some lasting up to three hours) and taking into account the travel time to and from different assessments. Don’t worry if your advisor hasn’t contacted you within a couple of days after your details are sent to them, they are constantly on the road and in assessments so will call or email you as soon as it’s safe for them to do so.

How much are assessments?
Absolutely free and are no obligation too!

Can I just drop into the showroom?
Unfortunately we need to book you in for an appointment with one of our advisors. We need to ensure someone is there to take your measurements and show you all of the chairs features. There are no advisors based at our head office full time.

Where do assessments take place?
Anywhere within reason, we can come to your home, hospital, local wheelchair service or spinal unit, local supermarket/coffee shop or at our showroom in Burntwood, Staffordshire.

Where is the advisor in my area based?
The mobility advisor you are assigned to will be the one closest to where you live. This means that they not only can get to you quickly, but they also understand the sort of landscape and surroundings you live in. If you’d prefer to visit us, your local advisor will happily meet you in our showroom in Burntwood, Staffordshire.

Are all of your advisor’s wheelchair users?
Yes, please bear this in mind when arranging an assessment as the venue must be accessible.

Can the advisors bring chairs and power options to me to try out?
Yes, but please bear in mind they will not be able to bring our whole range due to van space. If you are looking to try out more than three chairs, please request an assessment in our showroom. Before an assessment is arranged, someone will talk through the chairs with you first so we can identify the most suitable ones for you if you are not sure on your preferences. The chairs that will be brought to you will not necessarily be the same size as the chair you will be ordering due to all of our chairs being completely made to measure.

How long will it take to get a quote?
Once you have had an assessment with one of our advisors, your specification will be submitted to our offices. This will then take 5 – 7 days to be processed and will be emailed over to you.

Why do I have to provide an email address, I don’t want any sales emails?
We will need this initially to firstly send you our privacy policy and then to send over your quotation. Our mailing list is completely separate and you will not receive any offers or product updates unless you opt in requesting this.
Ordering and Delivery:

How do I order?
Once you have received your quotation and you would like to go ahead with your RGK, you will need to firstly pay a deposit in order to get the chair into production. This normally is 25% of the complete order value. The final remaining balance is when due just before or on the day of handover.

How long will it take to build my chair?
Once the 25% deposit has been paid, lead time is then around 10 – 12 weeks, but this can vary due to demand so please check this with customer services when placing your order.

Will I receive updates on what is happening with my chair once it has been ordered?
Sometimes our design department will have queries about your submitted specification and what is the best way of overcoming any obstacles they encounter when designing the chair. Your mobility advisor will be the conduit between yourself, customer services and the design department to iron out any queries they have.

If there are no queries, then you won’t hear from us again until the chair is complete – we know how annoying unnecessary communication or emails can be, so we try to keep updates to an absolute minimum so you can just get on with your day.

How do I get my chair when it’s built?
Once the chair is complete, your advisor will contact you to arrange a date for handover. During this meeting, they will check the chair is set up perfectly for you, explain how the chair works and answer any questions you may have. The chair must be paid for in full before the advisor leaves.

Can you re-make my old RGK chair?
Yes, we can pull up your old specification. We would advise having a new assessment to double check your measurements, especially if your previous chair was not built recently.

Where can I find my serial number?
On your chair back axle bar and also in your handover pack.

Can I part exchange?
It is very rare that we part exchange our chairs, however if you are interested in doing so then let us know and our Sales and Business Development Manager will happily review your case.


What sizes are your chairs?
All of our chairs are completely made to measure, so do not come in any set increment sizes. We have bariatric frame options alongside neat ways to make the chair fit perfectly to your natural posture.

Do you do powered wheelchairs?
We only supply active, manual wheelchairs. We do have a small range of power add-ons to help alleviate the need to push all the time, however we do not have any chairs that are completely reliant on power.

What colours are available?
We have various colour options available depending on which model you choose. It would be best to talk this through directly with your advisors as we also have various finishes, accents and embriodery options available, too.

How big is the Tiga FX when it’s folded?
Unfortunately, due to the chair being made to measure, this will depend on your measurements. We cannot provide an accurate reflection until an assessment has taken place.  

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