Go further. Go anywhere.
Just dock, and go!

Did you know the further you push your wheelchair, the more strain you place on your muscles and joints? StreetJet gives you the freedom to go further, faster and for longer all without the need to push! Super quick to connect, its patented one touch clamp system effortlessly docks to your wheelchair with no extra parts, and in one simple action (which requires so little force, it can be done even with limited hand function).

Powered by a high-performance electric system, this is a pull device that's primed for open-air freedom. Reaching up to 50 km range and capable of tackling rough terrain (and through tough weather conditions), StreetJet lets you reach places others can only dream of - and all within a safe sustainable way. Packed with personalised control features and styling options to suit every age, just dock, and go!

Patented, Fast & Effortless Docking.

Just position the front of your wheelchair into the PATENTED clamps and close with one simple, effortless push. It's so easy, it can be done even if you have limited hand function. Designed to fit a wide-range of wheelchair frame shapes, you don't need any additional parts fitted onto your wheelchair - just dock, and go!

Stand (with wheels)

There’s no need to lift your StreetJet when docking and un-docking. With its wheel stand, your StreetJet is kept in an upright position at all times (and can be easily rolled towards your wheelchair’s frame when moving into docking position).

No Parts on your Wheelchair

Because the docking clamps attach to the frame tubes, there’s no need for any other additional parts to be fitted to your wheelchair (so there’s no additional weight or annoying parts getting in the way) Plus, with the (optional) front frame protectors (for both round and oval tube frames), you can further protect your wheelchair from any accidental bumps or scratches.

Outdoor performance
that gives you more.

More range: from the shops to the countryside, its 14 Ah Lithium-Ion battery provides up to 50 km, so you don’t need to rush back and charge. More power: 630 (12”) or 750 Watt (16”) brushless motors give greater torque to power up, over and down the harshest terrains (and saves on battery power). More safety: twin or (optional) triple brake systems supply fast and responsive braking even in the worst weather conditions. And with cruise control, you'll  also enjoy more of the ride!

LCD Display Screen

Keep track and personalise your StreetJet’s performance using the easy-to-read LCD display. Need greater stability when accelerating? Simply use the LCD screen to adjust the acceleration to be as gradual (or as fast) as you require. You can also use it to keep track of your speed, distance, battery condition and power consumption when you’re out and about. Plus, with cruise control as standard, you can also comfortably maintain a constant speed during those longer journeys.

Braking power you can rely on

The StreetJet is fitted with a powerful disc brake for fast-responding braking across a variety of terrain and harshest weather conditions. The standard twin brake system includes both a mechanical and an electrical brake (which requires less force to use and is more sensitive for smoother decelerations). Alternatively, the (optional) triple brake system provides the same electric brake, but with dual mechanical brakes for additional safety in case of an emergency.

More Distance = More Adventures

With it’s lithium-ion 14 Ah battery powering a range of up to 50km, not only can you travel for longer (and further) without charging, but you can also charge your mobile phone and other compatible devices using the handy USB charging port.

Which wheel size will
you choose?

Looking to cruise around town or other urban environments? The 12" wheel provides a tight turning circle and the shortest base length - so it's ideal for transportation in the boot of your car.

Alternatively, if you prefer more outdoor adventures, the 16" wheel cushions you more from the shocks and vibrations that you'd experience from rougher road journeys.

Made to be taken off the beaten path.

The StreetJet comes with plenty of bright ideas to keep you safe, like super-bright front LED's. They'll ensure that you can see (and be seen) during those dark nights and harsh conditions. Speaking of harsh conditions, the carbon fender not only adds a bit of extra style, but it also protects from sand, mud and other residue that may be thrown-up from the road. Plus, the StreetJet is also certified according to all EN12184 applicable European standards.

Personalise your StreetJet.

Set the tone of your StreetJet with 20 frame and fork colours. Compliment or contrast your choice with 5 anodised colour finishes for the stand, central section and clamps. Plus, that's coupled with 3 striking cable colours!


StreetJet image


The quad handle is designed for people with limited hand function. The throttle lever (right) is used to accelerate by moving the wrist downwards, the brake lever (left) is used to brake by moving the wrist upwards.
Street jet image


  • Width:
  • Front Wheel Size:
    12” or 16” Pneumatic Tyre
  • Speed:
    6 kph, 10 kph, 15 kph or 20 kph (optional)
  • Brake:
    Twin Brake System (mechanical disk brake and separate electric brake). Triple Brake System (optional): dual mechanical brake and separate electric brake
  • Parking Brake:
  • Motor:
    12":630 Watt / 16":750 Watt
  • Batteries:
    Lithium-ion 36 Volt 14 Ah (8 Ah flight battery optional), Intelligent Battery Management System and total weight to
    From 15kg (with battery)
  • Charger:
    2A with option of 4A quick charger (14Ah full charging time approximately 3.5 hours)
  • Maximum User Weight:
    120 kg
  • Total Weight:
    From 15 kg (with battery)
  • Weight on parts of Wheelchair:
    From 12.9 kg (without battery)

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